Advanced course Correlative Light Electron Microscopy



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel our annual Electron Microscopy Courses for January, 2021 in their current hands-on format . We are currently working on an alternative to provide our Electron Microscopy courses for a broad audience in Spring 2021. We are thankful for your understanding and hope to meet you soon!


In the workshop we offer a balanced “mix” of lectures and practical sessions. The entire workflow from specimen to fluorescent image to immune-labeled ultrathin section will be dealt with. Under guidance of the skilled staff of the Utrecht Cell Microscopy Core Life cell CLEM and Section CLEM including the complete Tokuyasu technique will be practiced and explained to the finest detail. Biological samples and immuno-reagents will be available. The program is meant for people that already have experience in cryosectioning and immunolabeling and want to extend their expertise into CLEM. We provide an excellent learning environment. When manual skills like ultrathin cryo-sectioning are being trained the participants will have their own ultra-cryo microtome (often equipped with a camera) to practice on. The number of participants is limited to 12 people. We will provide you with a practical manual covering the topics of the course.
A more elaborate list of topics that are addressed in this course can be found here.

Available equipment: 2 x Reichert Ultracut E, 3x Leica Ultracut S/ with cryo-attachment, 2x Leica Ultracut T with cryo-attachment, 1x Leica UC6/FC6, 1 x Leica FUC/FC7, Leica AFS. Leica IGL. JEOL electron microscopes, 2 FEI electron microscopes equipped for tomography and supporting equipment.

Teachers & lecturers:
Cell Microscopy Core: Cilia de Heus, Corlinda ten Brink, Suzanne van Dijk, Tineke Veenendaal, Despina Xanthakis, Nalan Liv.
Diatome: Helmut Gnaegi. Leica: Jan de Weert.

The course fee of € 1500 includes all immuno-reagents, disposables etc. and lunches. Hotel is not included. The course language is English.
Participants are accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis therefore we recommend that you contact us at your earliest convenience.

The registration deadline is on May 29th.  After the registration deadline you will receive an invoice and additional information about hotels etc. The CMC reserves the right to cancel this course if less than 8 participants have registered on May 29th. Cancellation is possible till May 29th, thereafter the course fee has to be paid in full.

Registration form can be obtained from Secretariat Cellbiology (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or here.

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